Solar & Energy Solutions (UK)


We have successfully delivered a number of solar energy projects in Africa, India and Asia to name but a few regions, as well as having several ongoing projects in North Africa. Our integrated approach todevelopment, financing, construction and subsequent operation of solar assets has been crucial to our accomplishments so far.

A  solar irrigation system is more than just a solar panel and water pump used for irrigation. The latest developments in solar-powered irrigation systems allow for self-regulated irrigation of the land, based on the environmental conditions, crop water requirements, and water availability. It also takes into account the multiple factors to regulate water pumping and distribution to increase agricultural productivity without compromising on the sustainability of the available water resources.

Solar Irrigation

Energy Storage

Solar power without energy storage is like a having horse without a cart.  A horse can carry some load, but you can’t get much produce to market without a cart. If you just feed the electricity grid with any excess energy you generate, you only achieve a fraction of the savings you could make by storing that energy to use on-demand.

We have built up the expertise to design, develop, construct and operate onshore and offshore wind farms worldwide.



Covering the transition period when moving from conventional to renewable energy solutions, (in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner possible,) is a vital part of any project. Our global supplier network enables us to identify and source plant & equipment offering the best value for our clients.

We are actively involved in the development of Energy from Waste concept projects across a number of regions, including Europe and Africa.


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