Project Development

Energy projects often start as an entrepreneurial idea or legislatively driven opportunity – whatever the origin, Project Development has to prepare the way for all that follows. SES (UK) have many years of experience in developing renewable or clean energy Projects all over the world. We work with clients to design, plan and implement Renewable energy projects for cities, regions, businesses and even homeowners.


We start with an initial site search and agreement with landowners, followed by community and stakeholder consultations, if necessary, undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment and the submission of a planning application. If/when permission is granted the process moves on to pre-construction activities and financing

Site Selection

Renewable energy projects begin with an initial site search. This includes identifying areas free from any major planning or other physical constraints. Availability of technical resource, local planning constraints, ecology, proximity of homes and businesses, grid connection and of course site access must all be considered from the outset.

Feasibility & Scoping

If a site is selected as potentially suitable for a renewable energy project, consultations and feasibility studies will be carried out to investigate the detailed issues that might affect development on the site. Requests will be issued to any Local Authority to identify any environmental issues.

Assessment & Design

The efficiency of renewable energy project, the cost of its development and its overall acceptability from a planning perspective are vital. Before arriving at a site design, it is important we carry out a range of environmental and technical studies, consulting with the client and any other involved

Planning Application

Planning is a critical step in any development project. Once we’ve carried out a range of environmental and technical assessments, the next stage is to prepare and submit a planning application to the client and when / if needed to the local planning authority, which will carry out its own consultation exercise before deciding upon consent.