O&M – operations and management

Project Management

Our engineers plan, design, and implement renewable energy projects. They have the right expertise and experience to manage anything from large-scale municipal projects to home rooftop installations. The engineer typically begins with a client consultation, site assessment, and financial assessment, which help him or her understand the project’s context. The engineer then designs an appropriate plan that takes all relevant factors into account. Our engineers will also oversee and manage implementation of the plan. Solar engineers may also need to report on the efficiency, cost, and safety of the project.

SES (UK) projects are run with the highest international standards of Project Management, ensuring that everything is monitored and measured keeping the Project on track and anticipating any potential future issues.

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Operational management

We support our projects through ensuring that rigid and enforceable O&M contracts are in place.

For example, compared to other power generating technologies, solar PV power plants have relatively low maintenance and servicing requirements. However, appropriate maintenance of a PV plant is essential to maximise both energy yield and the plant’s useful life.

Operations must strike a balance between maximising production and minimising cost. In this respect module cleaning is a simple but important task, which can produce significant and immediate benefits in terms of energy yield. The frequency of module cleaning will depend on local site conditions and the time of year. As the level of module soiling is site-specific, the duration between cleans will vary significantly between sites. The frequency of the need to clean modules will be dictated by factors such as local ground covering (dusty and arid sites will result in more soiling) and local rainfall patterns (drier areas will result in more soiling).

This is just one example of the specific operational issues we have encountered in years of successful implementations. Many other local and environmental considerations exist, we are constantly monitoring and updating our operational management procedures to suit to environment in which our projects are operating.