A microgrid is a localized, often independent source of electricity. There are several reasons why a microgrid is needed – most commonly a lack of local electricity or a need to generate electricity separately from the main grid.

Communities, plants or other facilities that are located away from any existing energy infrastructure often build microgrids, since that is the only way they can have a steady supply of electricity.

Whatever the reason for building it, a microgrid often serves a very important purpose and has to produce a lot of electricity without downtime or unexpected costs.

A microgrid refers to distributed energy resources and loads that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way; they can be connected to the main power grid, operate in “islanded” mode or be completely off-grid. Microgrids are low- or medium-voltage grids located at or near the consumption sites.

They are therefore very beneficial for :-

  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Offshore
  • Remote Communities